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vanished love

zyra a.k.a halahayang


books vanished love

Post by zyra a.k.a halahayang

Why must feelings vanish?
Feelings that I had sacrificed
beautiful things, left w/out goodbye
that even heaven weeps
above the sky

Why do happy moments end-
early hurts of a young heart.
Why is there love if it is unfair?
Why this sacrifice,this pain, this hurt,
feelings that kill one's heart.

Why am I still dreaming of you.
a dream, together....forever..
that cannot be real..

Why are there so many whys for love that has vanished?
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Post on Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:54 pm by Mhegrace

Why must feelings vanish?

Because has made you feel guilty about anything you do that doesn't make he/she happy, so you can't help it. Also it may be because you feel you have failed to "save". You try to convince maybe you
Couldn’t figure out your feelings.Well you know better than to believe....Your feelings vanished maybe....Somehow appeared for someone else.

Why is there love if it is unfair?
lasting happiness, it does feel good, and if Real Love is either ... Love, they also invariably find that the exchange of Imitation Love becomes unfair.There are times in our lives that we must experience to live in pain, a time when it's hard to forget and it hurts to remember. There is nothing wrong in holding on to the memories of the person we once loved. They are all part of us. But engaging in a relationship and at the same time living in the past is unfair. Yesterday must never keep us from today's reality. We can never forget those whom we have loved. Those people that gave us something to feel for and brings us the brilliance within ourselves. People who made our lives meaningful and special inside and out. A life worth living for. But only when we learn to accept the reasons why they have gone, can we truly put the past where it belongs. Besides, we did our part, we gave them our best, if they refused it, it is their loss not ours.

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