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The Adventures Of Pureza


books The Adventures Of Pureza

Post by Mhegrace on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:27 am

Instructions For Watching This Video
1. Wait for loading to finish. (Countdown is located at the bottom of the video box. Do not click anything before loading is done. NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL DIVX.)
2. Click the link that says "Click here to start video" located at the middle-bottom of the video box.
3. Ignore the ads and click the PLAY button at the center of the video box.
4. Video should start at this point. Ignore all other links and pop-ups from the video

Alternative Video

The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles
is a 2011 Filipino comedy film starring Melai Cantiveros as Pureza. The film is co-produced by SineScreen and released by Star Cinema. I'm Feeling Sexy Tonight is performed by Star Power's finalist K-la Rivera.
The story revolves with Pura, (Melai) who plays the comedic role of a bubbly, caring, kind-hearted, very hardworking;dakilang ate; who wants nothing but only the best for her one and only beloved brother, Ulam, and uplift their dismal life. In all her endeavors, Pura's best friend, Ruben (Jason Francisco), has always been by her side. Pura and Ruben then stumbles into a one-time big time opportunity to usher a Brazilian model who manages to escape them. With this unfortunate turn of event, Pura steps into the role &help; literally. She is now the model Pureza Mayriles! Basking in the promise of a better fortune plus a serendipitous love, little did Pura know that she has dragged herself into a life-threatening mess. Now running for their lives, Pura and Ruben has to detangle themselves from the dangers that faces them.

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