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Just Because I Smile Doesnt Mean Im Ok



books Just Because I Smile Doesnt Mean Im Ok

Post by Mhegrace

Just because I smile
Doesnt mean everythings alright
How do you know
That Im not going to cry myself to sleep tonight?

Yeah, Im strong
And I try hard not to fall
I can say its not about me
But only because it helps me stand tall

How would you know
What I feel inside
Theres no ways you can
Because everything in there has already died

Would you see if I hurt
Do you even care?
Im so sick and tired of
Struggling just for air

Ive fooled everyone
Into thinking Im so strong
And now no one worries that
There might be something wrong

And you dont understand me
As I sit on the side lines
Go on, dump on me
I know you'll never see my disaster signs

In the end
When another battles fought
I'll go and hold myself
And cry because about me no one ever thought

Can you see whats going on?
Im so fed up of being alone
Im not going to ask for help
But this feeling of weakness is wearing my down to the bone.